How it works

How It Works

Simple steps to help you start reaching.  

All Floridians have an inherent right to a clean, sustainable environment.

1. Get Started

Your starting point is the Add a listing Page, which can be easily access from the navigation menu.

Tip: You can quickly find out if a Listing has already been added for you by searching on explore page

3. Create Your Account

To submit your first Listing, you must first create an account.

Tip: If you already have a Google or Facebook account, we make it that much easier to sign up.

5. Complete Your Listing

While not all fields are required to get started, we recommend that Listings be as complete as possible.

Tip: The more complete your Listing is the better chance you have of reaching a wider audience.

6. Listing Submission

After a successful Profile Completion, your Listing wil be submitted to our team for approval. If your Listing is approved, you will receive an email.

Tip: You can make changes to your Listing during the approval period.

7. Promote Your Listing

If competition is fierce or you’re just looking to get some more eyes on your Listing, consider promoting it.
When you Promote your Listing, it will recieve higher search prominence, as well as earn additional placement on our website.